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License # C02LE0044


The Philosophy

Metropolitan Early Childhood LLC believes that families are an integral part of the growth and development of young children, therefore, families will be treated with the utmost respect. Parents will be involved in the daily activities of the child through conferencing, classroom visits, and daily written/verbal communication initiated by the teacher and/or the parent.

Metropolitan Early Childhood LLC believes that children are a gift from God.  Every child is important and is respected.  We seek to establish positive personal interactions with each child.  We believe that children learn best through creative, explorative play.  Daily activities are planned by educated teachers but often inspired by the children to guide spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

What to expect?

Reciprocal relationships between staff and families

We will ensure that you (including but not limited to immediate and extended family members, friends, guardians, and children) are treated with respect, and reciprocal relationships are formed with staff members to open the lines of communication and to build trust.

You will be greeted cheerfully upon entrance and departure by one or more members of the staff team each day of attendance.

You will be given a daily update describing your child’s development and events.

You will be invited to sit and chat during each visit as well as welcomed at any time during the day.

Responsive relationships between teachers and children

We will ensure that every child is respected and valued in his unique attributes and that effectual loving routines will be established to encourage teacher-child bonds of trust.

Teachers will spend one on one time with your child during the day and note concerns and interactions in person and/or electronically.

Teachers will make referrals for screening services such as vision, hearing, speech, and behavior based on daily observations.

Staff members will attend ongoing in-service trainings, participate in monthly staff meetings and complete continuing education as required by the state in addition to professional development training.

Respectful relationships between families

You will be encouraged to attend monthly Parent Talk sessions to share, to learn and to encourage each other in the journey of parenting.

Curriculum and Daily Activities


We implement a combination of research-based curriculums including Dr. Pamela Phelps’ Beyond Cribs and Rattles and Becky A. Bailey’s Conscious Discipline to ensure that babies receive expert care. We provide activities that cover six areas of development listed in the Florida School Readiness Performance Standards including physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive, and motor development while supporting the baby’s spiritual growth.


Teachers make daily assessments using observations that are written and shared with parents.  Any areas of concern will be discussed with parents as they are seen and milestones will be celebrated.

Daily Activities

THE BABY ROOM provides stimulating activities that imitate the setting of home.  Daily communication of activities is posted on our parent board. 

Children, one year of age and younger, experience a variety of developmentally appropriate toys and materials, in a language-rich environment.  The infant staff’s primary focus is on valuable, secure experiences.  The staff members promote security as the number one indicator of successful experiences for infants.


We will be closed on the following:

New Years
Good Friday
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving week
Christmas week

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

After hours and weekends may be available upon request.

Enrollment Process

  • Meet with the director
  • Review the Parent Handbook, Know Your Child Care or Home Brochure, Influenza Flyer
  • Inform director of your decision (within 24 hours)
  • Sign up for Brightwheel, our parent communication and payment App.
  • Complete and return the registration form on first day of attendance
  • Bring baby’s immunization and physical forms on first day of attendance
  • Bring baby along with
  • 7 diapers
  • Wipes
  • Bibs
  • Pacifier (if used)
  • Blanket (swaddle sleeper if used)
  • Prepared bottles with first and last name on each bottle.
  • General feeding schedule

Enrollment Plans/Fees

  • An enrollment fee of $100 must be included with your enrollment form.
  • Three enrollment plans are available. Cost range from 100.00 -1050.00+
    • Plan A - Monthly  – Due on the first day of attendance
    • Plan B - Weekly  – Due on the first day of the week
    • Plan C – Daily – Due on the day of attendance
  • Payments may be paid via ACH (no additional fee) or Credit Card (2.6% fee).
  • A 10% discount will be given for siblings attending during the same period.


Child Enrollment Form

Distracted Adult Flyer

Influenza Brochure

Know Your Child Care Facility Brochure

Safe Baby Brochure

Contact Tracing Form